– I love seeing people’s faces when they pull up their first catch at sea. You know you’ve given them a lifetime memory, skipper Edgar Olsen reveals.

Deep sea fishing and king crab excursions at Varanger Lodge are nothing short of authentic. The boat that Edgar skippers, the Vesterelvjenta, is the same one he uses for his professional fishing. And he built it himself.

Providing a polished experience for visitors is a strange concept for Edgar. At Varanger Lodge, real is the word everything begins and ends with.

– When I take you to the sea, you can feel the elements: the sprays of water, the wind, the cold… and the smell of fish, of course.

– You might not be comfortable all the time, but on the way home you know you’ve done something special, something genuine, Edgar asserts.

Sustainability is a natural part of fishing trips at Varanger Lodge.

– We don’t overfish – we never exceed quotas or take more than we need, Edgar underlines.

Treats right out of the sea

When dealing with nature, nothing can be planned to perfection, and that's what makes it exciting.

– There is nothing artificial about our fishing and king crab excursions. I can't guarantee a catch, but I can maximize our chances, Edgar explains.

However, taking into account Edgar's expertise, returning empty-handed is a snowball's chance in hell. Besides the thrill of witnessing a real fisherman in action, you will more than likely taste the freshest seafood you’ve ever had.

– Even expensive restaurants can’t compete with king crab that’s lifted from the sea only an hour before eating it, Edgar says.

King Crab Safari

In the 1960’s, Soviet biologists released Kamchatka Red King Crab into the Murmansk fjord, where the species thrived. By the 1970’s, it had spread to Norwegian waters and today, Varanger fjord is rich in the world-renowned delicacy.

A King Crab Safari at Varanger Lodge is led by skipper Edgar Olsen, a local professional fisherman and king crab expert. Catch and taste the sought-after seafood treat right out of the sea!


- Professional guide
- Information on king crab as a species, catching it and preparing it for a meal
- Tasting the freshly caught king crab

Prices (3-hour safari):

- 2 000 NOK / person (group size 2–5 persons)
- 1 800 NOK / person (group size 6–12 persons)
- Extra hours: 550 NOK / 450 NOK / hour

Deep Sea Fishing

Varanger fjord is teeming with fish all year round. On Varanger Lodge deep sea fishing trips aboard the Vesterelvjenta, we’re looking at catching cod, pollock, red fish, catfish and sometimes even halibut. Wild salmon and trout are on the bill when they’re heading towards the rivers to spawn.

The deep sea fishing trips are skippered by local professional fisherman Edgar Olsen. No previous experience is required, and all necessary equipment can be found on board.


- Professional guide
- Information on fish and seasonal catch in Varanger fjord
- Each trip is tailor made to maximize chances of catching seasonal fish


- Please contact us via the form below for a quote.

Nature excursions

Varanger is a paradise for outdoor lovers – the ruggedly beautiful nature of the region is home to reindeer, elk, the arctic fox, the snowy owl, and other animals.

Besides our sea activities, there's plenty to do and experience in Varanger.

Dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country skiing... our local partner companies will take you out to explore the wild as best you see fit. Let us know what you're interested in and we'll find you the perfect activity provider in the area.


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